60 minut / 120 zł

Bilateral Therapy focuses on bilateral integration. What is bilateral integration? It’s interconnected coordination of both parts of the human body (back vs. front, right vs. left and top vs. bottom). The aim of the Bilateral Therapy is focus on stimulation or limitation of motoric and sensorial system that is demonstrating improper actions.

Children with bilateral integration often do not fully utilize their capabilities. For example, children do not have developed one hand domination, have issues with bilateral movements (i.e. rising both hand simultanoeusly), crossing center line, recognizing left from right side or issues with movement coordination.

Issues with bilateral integration might cause additional disadvantages: misunderstanding of instructions, issues with reading, writing or speaking.

Each Bilateral Therapy is individually tailored by our therapists based on interview and diagnosis. The best results are coming after 4-6 weeks when our therapists are proposing re-diagnosis and recommend further exercises (to be done at home with parents).

Thanks to Bilateral Integration you can expect following results:
  • Improved body self-awareness
  • Improvement of static and dynami balance
  • Improved body control
  • Improved sequential memory and planning of movement
  • Automation of movement
  • Improved capability of multi-tasking
  • Improvement of physical functions, cognitive capabilities, perception capabilities and memory
  • Dodatkowe korzyści to wzrost pewności siebie, poczucia własnej wartości i motywacji
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