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Gait analysis – the only device in Poland for marker-free, advanced diagnostics of movement deficits.

Modern medicine is changing before our eyes. Modern physiotherapy, and above all, pediatric neurological physiotherapy must be based on advanced diagnostics, which is the basis for building rehabilitation programs. At the Brave Bear Institute, we have the only device in Poland for marker-free movement analysis, thanks to which we will penetrate deeply into your child’s body in order to precisely understand the causes of its movement deficits. You will receive a report with data, interpretation and specific medical recommendations that will be the basis for any subsequent medical actions – be it rehabilitation, or the selection of orthopedic supplies, or potential surgical interventions.

From NOW INNOVATION IN NEUROLOGICAL REHABILITATION IN PEDIATRICS only at the Brave Bear Institute: Task electrostimulation! What is it and how can it improve the effects of your child’s work?

Task electrostimulation is neuromuscular electrostimulation during a specific activity, giving benefits for muscle strength, range of motion and, most importantly, motor learning.

Our rehab cycles with functional electrostimulation are based on knowledge, experience and in-depth analysis of the patient, and thus individually selected therapy tailored to the needs and goals of caregivers and children.

The therapists of the Brave Bear Institute  use the concept of NDT Bobath their work with the child, carefully observe the child. It is not important what the child does, but how he performs the activities. For us, the quality of movement matters, because the quality of movement equals the quality of life in the future.

According to the definition of Ms. Zofia Szwiling, NDT Bobath is a functional therapy, adequately matched to the age and capabilities of the child, activating all systems in the patient’s body after prior specialist preparation or protection, using muscle tone as close as possible to the correct one and conducted with linearity in all body segments.

Child psychologist and his role is often underestimated and even demonized in our society. Because “our child is not mentally ill”, because “we can do it alone”, because “there used to be no psychologists and our parents raised us somehow”. Examples can be multiplied and multiplied.

The decision to see a specialist is usually not easy for parents. Thoughts appear – “we are bad parents”, “others can do it and we can’t”. All this is probably due to bad experiences or lack of knowledge about who a child psychologist is and what we can expect from him.


At the Brave Bear Institute, we had the opportunity to use the Exopulse Mollii Suit many times. It clearly changes the area of ​​treatment of neurological diseases and their consequences. The operation of the world’s first neuromodulation suit is based on the principle of feedback inhibition and allows spastic muscles to relax while activating weak muscles. The combined effect makes everyday life more active and less painful.

It is a personal assistive medical device that is used for low-energy transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the whole body. It is designed to reduce spasticity, activate muscles, and relieve chronic pain. These are symptoms common in cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury, and other neurological disorders.

In the Brave Bear Institute, we want to build the child’s capabilities, not make it strong, because strength does not mean function. Our highly specialized staff is tasked with achieving real and tangible goals. The extensive knowledge and experience of physiotherapists increases the range of possibilities of working with a child. In order to achieve the goal of helping children, during therapy we use methods such as NDT Bobath, PNF, manual therapies, neuromobilization, elements of sensory and pedagogical therapies and many others, depending on what the child needs in a given situation.

Have you ever wondered how to interpret the results of eye examinations? What does the fact that your child has a negative dioptre result actually mean? It is difficult to draw conclusions from this what your child really sees and what this result means for everyday functioning.

The problem increases if your child has multiple disabilities – sometimes ophthalmologists do not even undertake an eye examination.

The Functional Vision Assessment will tell you how your child actually sees. Does he see toys? Does he see obstacles in his way? Can you tell how high the stairs are?

Exercises and games conducted in the Brave Bear Institute therapists, as part of hand therapy classes, are to develop hand mobility, shape the grip and “eye-hand” coordination as well as coordination between the right and left hand. The hand is an organ of movement, thanks to which we explore the world around us, get to know it and communicate with it. Proper hand work allows us to carry out brain commands from self-service activities (e.g. dressing, eating) to writing, drawing, gripping.

Neurologopedics is one of the specializations in speech therapy. Neurospeech therapist deals with the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of people with speech and language disorders resulting from damage and dysfunction of the nervous system. It is an interdisciplinary field. Its impacts concern many aspects of the functioning of a child with developmental challenges, including: development of communication skills, development of active speech and language skills, assessment of the structure and efficiency of speech organs, primary functions (i.e. breathing, swallowing, food intake) and other important skills for the proper development of the child.

The neurologopedic therapy is developed individually according to the needs of a small patient, his family and the closest environment.



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