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Instytut Dzielny Miś
Aleksandra Kędziorek

Aleksandra Kędziorek knew since long time ago that her carrier will develop toward neurological pediatrics directions. Aleksandra’s direct motivator was her brother who was born with Down syndrome. Her close relationship with her brother and deep observation of his develpopment made her start medical university. After graduation she has doubts that she will start job as a physichal therapist for children with neurologic disabilities. This occupation drives loads of joy and satsidfaction. She is keen on achieving substantial results of the therapies as well as buildign relationships with the patients.

Privately Aleksandra likes to live in minimalistiv way. She is keen on travelling. does lots of sports and is interested in polyglotism. Her passion are plants and her gecko named “Stefan”.


  • NDT Bobath
  • Hand Therapy
  • Neurologic assesment in pediatrics
  • Body center od mass management among children with Cerebral Palsy
  • PNF Basic
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