Dorota Archicińska
Dorota Archicińska-Powalska – Pediatric Neurologopedist

Dorota Archicińska-Powalska – neurologopedist, general and clinical speech therapist, myofunctional and manual therapist, feeding therapist, craniosacral therapist, breath trainer, yoga instructor.

A graduate of postgraduate neurologopedic studies at UCMS in Lublin and Relaxation and Yoga studies at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. Dorota Archicińska-Powalska completed her master’s degree in general and clinical speech therapy at the University of Warsaw in cooperation with the Medical University of Warsaw.

She works in a holistic approach, combining academic knowledge and techniques of working with the body and mind. She has been gaining therapeutic experience since 2015 in educational, therapeutic and clinical institutions. She especially liked working with infants and orthodontic and clinical patients, working with a team of specialists in neurological rehabilitation centers.

In our clinic, you can most often meet her on the mat or at the massage table. She constantly expands her knowledge by participating in courses, trainings and conferences. In addition, it deals with balancing the nervous system and eliminating the effects of excessive stress.

She also conducts group yoga classes (also for children, pregnant and postpartum women) as well as breathing and relaxation sessions.

Privately, a happy mother and wife, lover of classic fashion and travel. She loves various forms of exercise, from yoga through fitness or running, which is why it is difficult to find her at the table during classes.

ul. Świętojerska 5/7
00-236 Warszawa
(48) 698 545 450
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