Pediatric neurologopedist
Hubert Żelazko – Pediatric Neurologopedist

Hubert Żelazko is a graduate of specialization in pedagogy with a profile of speech therapy at the Academy of Special Education of Maria Grzegorzewska in Warsaw. Hubert continued his education at postgraduate studies in neurology in the Post-Graduate Education Center of the Łazarski University.

As a pediatric neurologist, he gained experience in number of rehabilitation and therapeutic institutions: Education Center of the Warsaw Circle PSONI, Speech and Elf Center, Rehabilitation Clinic MEDIKAR, Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation in Konstancin.

Hubert currently fulfills his professional dream by implementing the basic course of the Castillo-Morales Concept. The main goal of thus therapy is to obtain the greatest possible independence and efficiency of the patients in the field of communication and food intake by regulating muscle tone, regulating orofacial functions, improving breathing function and supporting parental competence.

Hubert used to be an actor! Since 2013 he performed theater performances with a group of friends as part of the New Place Theater and the Betemmia Theater. Latein in 2015, he conducted theater workshops for people with special needs. His great passion, also privately, is the movement manifested in the practices of conscious work with the body, as well as numerous travels around the world.

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