Kaja Jachimska – Child Psychologist

Kaja Jachimska graduated from Psychology faculty at University of Humanistic and Social Science in Warsaw. Kaja also completed postgraduate studies of Pedagogic Preparation.

Kaja is a true expert in therapies with children with autism and those having communication challenges.

As a psychologist and therapist, she has gained experience since year 2021 in number of therapeutic kindergartens and early intervention centre. She has conducted group and individual therapies.

Kaja works with children on emotional education, non-adequate behaviour. She leads consultations for parents that aim to support a child development and conducts diagnostic tests focusing on child’s development status, intelligence and cognitive capabilities. Kaja also is a leader in implementing communication strategies that leverage alternative communication (AAC).

Kaja frequently attends to multiple courses, conferences and workshops to enrich her experience.

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