Katarzyna Rogozińska
Katarzyna Rogozińska

Speech therapist, AAC therapist, Oligophrenopedagogue, Kynotherapist, Philologist

Katarzyna Rogozińska – speech therapist, AAC therapist, oligophrenopedagogue, kynotherapist philologist, author of speech therapy fairy tales, specialist articles and books for children: “I am Lili” (the book is used, among others, to work with the AAC method), “Covid XIX and his conquests” .

A graduate of the University of Warsaw (1st and 2nd degree studies). She specializes in the diagnosis and speech therapy of children, adolescents and adults. Performs differential diagnoses of delayed speech development (ORM), diagnoses of communication competences, covers methodical care of therapeutic, special and family facilities. In addition, she conducts workshops and support groups for parents and training in educational institutions.

On a daily basis, she deals with diagnosing patients, stimulating speech development, introducing supportive and alternative methods of communication and improving the speech apparatus. Currently, she works as an AAC specialist in a center for the disabled, a trainer in kindergartens and schools. She cooperates with the publishing house by creating a new educational project and runs his own business, which you can follow on Facebook.


  • A model of using AAC in the educational practice of schools and families of children with complex communication needs. Developing communication skills among people with complex needs based on supervision. Block I, II, III. The Wyspa Therapy Center dr Magdalena Grycman

  • Educating children and students using alternative and augmentative communication methods (AAC).

  • Introducing AAC in early child development support. ISAAC Poland, Association “Speak without words” A. Mysakowska-Adamczyk, Anna Walkiewicz

  • AAC – Alternative and Augmentative Communication Theory and practice. Hearing and Speech Center “Medincus” Edyta Tyszkiewicz

  • The Boardmaker program in developing communication. Center for education and communication Joanna Pachutko

  • PECS Training, Pyramid Educational Consultants of Poland

  • Innovative methods of external and internal electrostimulation in speech therapy – organizational information. Cognitus, Aleksandra Kaczyńska, Ewa Wojewoda

  • Associations to speak: Ewa Grzelak

  • Speech therapy for people with profound intellectual disabilities. Alicja Chileńska-Pulkowska

  • In addition, numerous AAC conferences and webinars, training in the field of difficult behavior, the Krakow method and working with a disabled patient.

ul. Świętojerska 5/7
00-236 Warszawa
(48) 698 545 450
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