Joanna Wesołowska
Marcin Gierdwoyń

Marcin is physiotherapist, who graduated from Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw and Warsaw Medical University.

Since very beginning of his university education, Marcin has been attached to idea of pediatric physichaltherapy. Marcin gained his experience in number of Polish rehab centres dedicated to children with disabilities. Marcin is also the frequent attendee of many workshops that focus on pediatric subjects.

Marcin is very keen on sports and active life. He has always tried to bring this passion forward to his patients. Apart from sports, Marcin is also dedicated to music. He plays number of instruments and sings… so far only under the shower 🙂


  • PNF Basic and Advanced
  • Diagnosis and therapy of scoliosis according to FITS
  • Sensory integration: 1 and 2 degree
  • CP child diagnosis from gait analysis perspective
  • Three-dimensional feet manual therapy
  • Functional assesment of patients in growth stage
  • Trigger points therapy
  • Kinesiotaping
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