Martyna Wieczorek
Martyna Wieczorek – Pshychologist, special needs pedagogue
Pshychologist, special needs pedagogue

Martyna Wieczorek is a graduate of special pedagogy with a specialization in surdopedagogy and pre-school education at the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. She also graduated from psychology with a specialization in psychotherapy and sex therapy at the University of Economics and Humanities in Warsaw.

She has 8 years of experience working with children with various disabilities and their families. She started her work by conducting group and individual classes, working therapeutically mainly with children with autism spectrum disorders, as well as with children experiencing intellectual and motor disabilities, with attachment disorders and other important aspects of child development. The acquired theoretical and practical knowledge was used to support families and carers/teachers/therapists working with children. Currently, a large part of her work is filled with meetings with parents, psychological counseling as well as planning and evaluation of therapeutic interactions.

In addition, she conducts training for parents, educators and other specialists working with children.

Throughout the entire period of professional activity, she constantly develops her competences both in the field of working with children and adults. She has completed many courses, including “Diagnosing small children for autism spectrum disorders”, “Method of verbal behavior or early behavioral intervention”, “ASD and extremely difficult behavior”, “Study of psychological help and crisis intervention” conducted at the Institute of Health Psychology in Warsaw and the first degree of Concentrated Therapy on Solutions (TSR).

At the Institute of the Dzielny Miś Martyna conducts individual and family consultations.

In her work, he integrates various trends. She is characterized by great attentiveness, she approaches all family members with understanding. Identifies resources and strengths and works with them; supports, develops them and, based on them, strives to achieve the goals selected for work.

She works on difficult behaviors by looking at the unsatisfied needs that may result from, by building proactive strategies and looking for methods of what to do not to reinforce difficult behavior even if it appears.

An important part of her work is also support in crisis, working on family relationships, working with emotions that appear in carers raising a child with a disability and working with the needs of the parent.

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