Patrycja Adamkiewicz
Patrycja Adamkiewicz

Speech therapist, special education teacher, AAC therapist, neurological therapist

Patrycja Adamkeiwucz is a speech therapist, special education teacher, AAC therapist, neurospeech therapist during postgraduate studies in Neurospeech Therapy – Early Neurospeech Therapy Intervention. A graduate of the Academy of Special Pedagogy of Maria Grzegorzewska in Warsaw, majoring in Special Pedagogy, specializing in Speech Therapy (1st and 2nd degree).

Patrycja specializes in the diagnosis and speech therapy of children with impaired and delayed speech development (ORM) and dyslalia. In her work, she uses alternative and augmentative communication methods (AAC) based on a modeling strategy. Creates communication boards to work in the non-directive communication system and the PECS system. At our Institute, she will be responsible for diagnosing verbal and non-verbal communication, assessing anatomical and functional conditions within the oral-facial complex, improving the articulation apparatus, stimulating speech development and creating individual communication tools.

When working with children, she focuses on an individual approach and establishing an appropriate emotional relationship with the patient and parent. It assumes that positive emotionality, empathy and a sense of security are the key to effective cooperation. Patrycja is interested in speech development disorders of neurological origin and is constantly expanding his knowledge in this field. She has been working with children with autism spectrum disorder for several years. Privately, she is passionate about music and singing, which she tries to incorporate into her work :).


  • Picture Exchange Communication System training

  • The frenulum from a practitioner’s perspective

  • Is this autism? and First steps after diagnosis

  • Swallowing in speech therapy – diagnosis and therapy before and after surgery

  • Eating training

  • Diagnosis and speech therapy for people with hearing impairment

  • New Social Skills Training

  • Pediatric First Aid

  • AAC behavioral and communication supervision

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