Pola Walkiewicz

Pola Walkiewicz earned her master’s degree in physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, previously she also studied at the Medical University of Warsaw (bachelor’s degree).

Already during her studies, she knew that she wanted to work with children. She complemented the knowledge gained at the university by choosing professional internships in offices specializing in neurological therapy for children. She also worked with children, conducting preventive sports classes in kindergartens. She gained professional experience at the Early Intervention Center working with children with disabilities.

Privately, Pola loves to travel, every year she goes to the mountains with a backpack to recharge her batteries while admiring the beauty of nature. During the year, she learns to dance and recently tries her hand at a climbing wall.


  • 3-dimensional manual foot therapy on neurophysiology basics

  • PNF basic

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Sensory Integration II degree

ul. Świętojerska 5/7
00-236 Warszawa
(48) 698 545 450
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