Sandra Pietrzak
Sandra Pietrzak

Sandra completed a master’s degree in physiotherapy and occupational therapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. From the beginning of her medical career Sandra has worked with children with disabilities, what gives her a lot of joy and energises her everyday! 

In his spare time, Sandra trains at home and uses new forms of activity. Recently, she became interested in Animal Flow training and a climbing wall.


  • FITS – Functional Individual Therapy of Scoliosis

  • Scars integration therapy

  • Scoliosis – treatment and diagnosis

  • Soft tissues massage

  • Trainer course – posture defects and compensation methods

  • Manual Therapy

  • Functional massage in physichal therapy

  • Shining a Light on Spasticity in Children with Celebral Palsy

  • New Paradigm in Pediatric Equinus Deformity Management – Expanded Program

  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) according to Kolar – Modul A

ul. Świętojerska 5/7
00-236 Warszawa
(48) 698 545 450
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