The Institute of Functional Therapy ‘Brave Teddy’ is a professional and highly qualified institute with a wide range of therapies for children.

We are professionals with a specialized education and valuable experience. We can offer the most effective, popular, and up-to-date techniques in the world of intensive rehabilitation.
Each patient requires individual treatment. Below is only just a sample of our possibilities. Contact us for suggestions on appropriate therapy for your “brave teddy”. We determine its range and price on an individual basis.



Sensory Integration

60 minutes / 160 zł

Sensory Integration – what’s that? Let’s start with a comparison to the recycling. Recycling is widely known and undestood expression. Also everybody knows that it is quit difficult to collect small recyclable objects from mass of other less important things. This is a perfect reference to the role of Sensory Integration…

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Treatment with Serial Casting

Treatment with serial casting: 15 days x 120 minutes + unlimited re-casting/ 7.500 zł

Physiotherapists from the “Dzielny Miś” Institute have spent over one year on developing this treatment: serial casting. We shave have very strong support from the best experts from around the world, including Beverly Cusick (PT, MS, NDT, COF/BOC), who finally came to us to examine and confirm our qualifications.

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Speach therapy / Neurologopaedics

60 minutes / 200 zł

Neurologopedy is one of the specialization of logopedy. The aim of Neurologopedy is prophylaxis, diagnosis and management of patients with speech and tongue disorders caused by nervous system disfunction. Neurologopedy is an interdisciplinary field.

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Functional Visual Assesment
Instytut Dzielny Miś

Functional Visual Assessment: 2×60 minutes + written asssement / 550 zł
Vision Therapy: 60 minutes / 170zł

Have you ever thought how to interpret ophthalmic research? What actually comes from the fact, that your child has particular dioptre level? It this difficult to say whether your child is capable to see well and what this ophthalmic research means for everyday life performance.

It is even worse if we are talking about children with conjugated disabilities – it happens that eye doctor rejects conducting a research.

Functional Vision Assessment will in fact tell you how your child sees. It will answer a question whether your child sees objects on its way, sees toys or assess how high the stairs are.

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Rehabilitation Cycles
rehabilitation cycles

These kind of questions the therapists of the Brave Teddy Institute are going to ask: What is the most challenging activity your child need to handle every day? What kind of activities are limiting it? What is the top development priority for your child?”

For us it does not matter how many repetitions of certain exercise your child is capable to do. For us the most important is ability to function in everyday life. The ultimate objective if the Rehabilitation Cycles is to improve your child quality of everyday life.

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Rehabilitacja Dzieci Warszawa

60 minutes / 200 zł

The role of psychotherapy in our society is often underestimated or even pejortive. Parents used to say “my child is not psychologically disabled, so I don’t need any psychotherapy” or “we can handle all problems by ourselves”. Sounds familiar?

Decision of going to the psychologist is not easy. We know it. All of above is the result of lack of proper knowledge about what psychologist is actually giving our child.

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Functional Therapy with Electrostimulation

We breakthrough the way electrostimulation has been used so far. Fully mobile and wireless electrostimulation impact muscle strength exactly in the moment and part of the body that is needed to perform function. As a result the muscles not only enlarge capabilities, but also learn how to use their capabilities in particular activities of everyday life.

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Hand Therapy
Terapie i rehabilitacja ręki dla dzieci w Warszawie

Exercises in the Institute of the Brave Teddy include hand therapy. It develops manual function, shaping, gripping, hand-eye control, and coordination between the right and left hand.

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