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Neurologopedy is one of the specialization of logopedy. The aim of Neurologopedy is prophylaxis, diagnosis and management of patients with speech and tongue disorders caused by nervous system disfunction. Neurologopedy is an interdisciplinary field.

It affects multiple aspects of child with developmental issues functioning, including development of communication skills, development of active speech and tongue capabilities, assessment of speech organs efficiency , primarly functions (breathing, swallowing, eating) and many other factors important for child development.
Neurologopedic therapy is always tailor made towards individual needs of child, its family and closest environment.

In our Instsitute Neurologopedist is in charge of the following:

  • Diagnosis and management of children with neurological disabilities, autism and Asperger complex
  • Introduction of alternative and supportive communication
  • Feeding disorder diagnosis and management
  • Diagnosis and management od children aphasia and dysarthria
  • Diagnosis and management of articulatory disabilities
  • Diagnosis and management  of tardive speech development
  • Diagnosis and management miofunctional disorders (right movement patter of lips and tongue during swallowing and rest position)
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