rehabilitation cycles

These kind of questions the therapists of the Brave Teddy Institute are going to ask: What is the most challenging activity your child need to handle every day? What kind of activities are limiting it? What is the top development priority for your child?”

For us it does not matter how many repetitions of certain exercise your child is capable to do. For us the most important is ability to function in everyday life. The ultimate objective if the Rehabilitation Cycles is to improve your child quality of everyday life.

Is all about function. Your child might have strong upper or lower limb. Yes, this is important. But even more important is to transfer this strength onto i.e. grabbing and holding cup of tea and being capable to drink from it, dress and undress unassisted, sit on chair and being able to play the games with its friends.

In the Institute if the Brave Teddy we build capabilities of a child. We do not focus much on increasing muscle strength. Because strength does not mean function. Our high performing staff of physiotherapists have always the objectives on top of their mind: the objectives are always tangible and reachable. Their wide experiences and know how increase range of potential exercises prepared for your child. In order to reach objective which they set before every Rehabilitation Cycle, they often support it with NDT Bobath method, PNF, manual therapies, neuromobilization, sensory therapy, psychotherapies, hand therapy. It all depends, what is the best method to achieve objectives for your child.

Our knowledge and your motivation need to be combined with a child motivation. This is why we often combine extensive therapies with play. Two hours of the therapies every day are full of fun and smiles. Play is the fundamental need of every child. Playing with your children makes it capable to face even the most challenging exercises and activations. Therefore playing is building child’s motivations and willingness to hard work during the therapies.

In order to reach objectives that we set between therapists and parents, orthopedic equipment is often needed. We are fully aware how challenging it might be to find and purchase specialized orthopedic equipment. We have it all at our venue – you can try all kind of orthosis for upper and lower limbs, chairs, wheelchairs, etc.

Typically Rehabilitation Cycle is two weeks long (2 hours of exercises every week, 10 days in total), but it all depends of your child capabilities and needs – shorter or longer cycles are also possible.

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