Consult your child with the professional physiotherapist from home.

You don’t want to come to Warsaw only for short consultations?

Or maybe you feel like consultations in such professional place like our Institute are not necessery for your child?

Let’s take advantage from new technologies and meet on-line. We are the first place to offer meeting a phystiotherapist via video-consultation! And don’t worry – we will not chargé you if this technology fails.

How does it work?

Step 1

Choose and book suitable time for video-consultation

Step 2

Pre-pay the video-consultation

Step 3

Click on link that you will get from us within the time slot that you booked

Before you begin the video-consultation

  • Dress your child up in light clothes that will enable it to move easily
  • Prepare medical history of child’s disease
  • iPhone and iPad users only: download ‘Appear’ app from your appstore (link below) and paste link received from us to the app.
  • PC users: use other internet browser than Internet Explorer (i.e. FireFox)
April 2024
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Terms and conditions available here

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